Lent is upon us, but this isn’t a blog about your god…


Raised a catholic until ten years old when I tendered my resignation, taking garden leave until my twenties, finally giving up the badge of office when my mum bailed out of her fight against Cancer.

Like many people I’m happy to ‘celebrate’ the religious holidays in the name of commercialism and (coughs) time off work.  We keep the economy going by spending too much at Christmas, we eat pancakes on the proper day of the year and many many other days of the year.  Easter eggs hit the shelves of the supermarkets earlier every year, so we eat more of them over a longer period.

I’ll should explain that I have nothing against people who have faith, that’s their choice, I’m happy that they have that something.

As long as there is religion I’m glad that schools teach about the different flavours, I hope that this enables the children to make their own choices later in life.  I believe that the basis of many religions is a list of wrongs and rights but these are nothing more than common sense.  However, the learned theologians hijacked writing from the early accountants (bean counters), their writings taught of hell and damnation and so came eternal guilt.

Of course writing brought knowledge and knowledge brought great wealth, well for the churches anyhow.  Thousands of years later and hundreds (citation required) of people live by the words of the church, good and honest and loving people yet religion gets blamed for terrorism and war.  We should perhaps remember that lots of good can be done by people in the name of the church … STOP!!!! … Me, not you, you should read on, remember the title of the blog?

Lent is upon us, we all joke about giving something up or we joke about not giving something up.  The one that made me chuckle most was “I’m giving up Lent for Twitter“.

For religious reasons, people give up some food source or other.  Some people join in with mental fasting, time to de-clutter.  This is the route I’m choosing, I’ve decided to give ‘SplashMan’ up for Lent, the Twitter account that is SplashMan.  My life has become cluttered with things not done, things personal to me, some things with the family, some things work related.

I recently played at doing some drawing, I enjoyed it, I want to do more.  I’ve piles of books unread, some mine, some from the library.  March is upon us and there are things I need to do in the house and garden, places I want to take the kids.  Nicky and I have some social time coming up, just the two of us.  I think some good old-fashioned living will do us the world of good.

Forty days or so away from the Twitter madhouse will enhance all the above and help me, dare I say it, rediscover myself, be the person that my close friends and family know, be the person I want to be, that is myself.

Twitter has given me a great deal of laughter and comfort as required, I’ve met some lovely people, too many to keep up with daily.  I’m on tenterhooks waiting for the next twitter birth to hit my timeline and it is going to happen within the next forty days!

I’m not going to deactivate my Twitter account as I’m not leaving but forgive me if I don’t reply for a while.  If I blog I will post a link to my Twitter timeline, if anyone wants to say hello please email me at splashman @ live co uk also I will be about on Facebook here.

Take care all, love, be loved, be happy.

Splashy :-) Xx

ps. Still playing ‘Words With Friends’, ‘Scramble’ and posting to ‘Instagram’, of course…

3 Comments  to  Lent is upon us, but this isn’t a blog about your god…

  1. Erica Fairs says:

    Just had to leave a note to say what a lovely piece of writing your Lent blog is. We shall miss you, but hope you achieve what you set out to do and return to the fold refreshed, rested and ‘ready to rock’. Go gently.

  2. [...] twitter break is like any other holiday,  It takes a while to get relaxed.  I decided recently to give up twitter for lent.  On Twitter for 3 years 3 months 3 days, it was half way to becoming a proper beast… See [...]

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