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My iPhone 4 has got a little sluggish and it’s 32GB (well, available 29.something GB) is usually full. I’m sure an early upgrade is available soon, but that costs money right?

I log onto O2, go to the ‘upgrade’ panel where they’ve so far turned me away as often as a drunken adolescent in trainers at a nightclub door (I was an 80’s adolescent, casual footwear was a no-no).

It seems I’m due an upgrade, still early though, I think my actual date is August  2012, there maybe an iPhone 5 by then.  Well, as I’m there I’ll do the costing exercise. It whiles away the time normally spent thinking about how I’d spend a lottery win, if I ever bought a  lottery ticket.

I hop across to Mazuma to get a selling price for the old phone. Hmm, that’s ok.

Back to O2 online, where now Lucy the online advisor is wanting to help me.  I enquire, she takes me through security and ‘goes’ to check if I qualify….

While I’m waiting I look at the upgrade/tariffs on the website. In theory it seems I can get the iPhone 4s, 64Gb, same text/mins and 2GB Data (now 1GB) for £11 a month less!

Here’s the real sweetener, the cash outlay for the upgrade is £65 less than what Mazuma would give me for old phone…

Hang on, Lucy the O2 advisor is back, bugger, I’m not entitled until March 2013.  Not August or May 2012. She doesn’t ask “is there anything else I can help you with today”, I sullenly type “thank you, bye” and click the ‘end chat’ with the full force of my mouse button. That showed Lucy the O2 online chat advisor.

As I was still logged onto O2, I pinched my self and re-read the techno-bling about the 4s. Then, with the flash of a light bulb moment, proceeded to checkout. It went through!

So, O2 are paying me to swap to the tune of £65 (Mazuma) and I’m £11 a month better off? No actually, O2 have offered me £75 via their recycling system.

Maybe I’m tied in for another 18 months (in theory) and maybe the tariff is pricey but from where I’m sat, this is a good upgrade.

Lucy, if you process the sale, I hope you still get some commission, it clearly is not your fault that O2 has senior moments…

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