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Well known traveller…

Michael Palin (2nd November 2011)


I was on leave from work when I did this, switched on daytime television and Morse was on, I froze the screen. I’m relatively happy with this though a number of things are ‘not right’.

Fight the good fight.

E.Morse (28th October 2011)

Singer Songwriter

If you ask someone to think of Elvis Costello, chances are they recall the Oliver’s Army days.

I thought the photograph from which I drew this was more up to date, that said, check him out on Sesame St  (thanks to @Itxi_Itx for the YouTube link).

Elvis Costello (26th October 2011)

Two blokes

Monday mood of two Manchester men - (24th October 2011)

I’m not going to lie to you…

Heir to the throne (24th October 2011)

Fact is, I’d love to be able to do caricature of well-known people, recognisable caricature. This is a 2 minute Prince of Wales.

Think it’ll be a long time before I share these on Twitter, Facebook etc. For the time being I can hide them on here for unsuspecting passers-by.

Boy aged 11

I started off trying to sketch my 11-year-old James. So far through Nicky (my wife) said “that’s good, not my son though”, after she went to bed I moved his right eye. I mean on the drawing of course.

However, it’s 1am, I’m tired and It’s still not James. I’ve decided that I’m going to try to improve on the likeness after Nicky has looked at it tomorrow, maybe she can see what’s wrong.

Boy 11 (21st October 2011)

I think, for a beginner certainly, a child is harder to draw than an older person (like Norman Wisdom) as an older person has more creases and shadows to emphasise. In the case of Norman, he also has the hat which contributes to the likeness, fooling the onlooker!

As a picture of a boy, I’m quite pleased, but James it isn’t, yet…

Six Stages of Norman


Norman Wisdom 1915 - 2010 (20th October 2011)

Well, this is the result of about 5 hours work, finished at 1am.  Very pleased with it, grateful to a Twitter friend @Welshracer who suggested I try Norman Wisdom in this the month of the first anniversary of his death.

Bring Me Sunshine

This was fun, I toyed with the idea of drawing their full bodies doing the ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ dance, but settled with this.

Likeness, Ernie looked better on paper but not on film, to my eye. You know what though, it’s my interpretation (Thanks Jim Lawrence) so I’m really quite pleased.

Ernie Wise & Eric Morecambe (18th October 2011)

As ever, much room for improvement.


Had some comments about ‘proportionality’ via Google+ from Chris Crosdale. Very quickly played with the positioning of the eyes using Photoshop as per his suggestions. Doesn’t necessarily make for a more recognisable picture of the subject, but definitely a better picture. Thanks Chris.