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Flower & Sky

More pastels, was really trying to play with the sky on this one. Sky may be the next challenge.

Sole Flower (2nd October 2011)

Another Flower…

Decided a needed to try to use the pastel chalk Nicky bought me a long time ago. Found a photograph on the internet using my iPhone, here is my attempt.

There are so many things I’d like to try with the pastels, I think I’ll practice with flowers for a while (like I’m sticking with portraits with the pencils).

Calla Lily (31st October 2011)

Too soon for colour

Well, now I’ve had my first attempt at two new things. ‘Still life’ & ‘colour’, I’m not happy AT all.

I shall return to black, white and grey tomorrow. As I’ve said before, I think I’ll get proportion and shade eventually but colour will escape me for a long time.


Its nearly time…

Chatting with someone on Twitter last night got me excited so I decided to give the big man a try in my quest to learn to draw.  I found an image on the internet and ‘copied’ it with it on the screen.

After my earlier attempts of the day which were very quick cartoon type sketches I spent a bit more time on this.  It fails to my eye mostly where I expected, the eyes, or one eye in particular in this case.

The big man (6th October 2011)