I read this earlier and nicked it for your pleasure…

“I wish one thing for the British people in this upcoming election, I don’t care whether you consider yourself conservative, labour, yellow, blue, rich, poor, young, old, for or against the variety of political slogans thrown around. I wish every person eligible to vote, to vote for the NHS.

Whatever that takes, whatever other policies you have to grey line on or even disagree with. Vote for the NHS. I tell you from experience that the negotiations that have already happened with United Health and other private bodies are against your best interests. Once the middle men of a fractured health, insurance driven system get in, you will never get them out.

Few people are aware in England of how much it hurts to hear your child in pain and instead of whipping them up in your arms and taking them to the nearest hospital, you are on the phone asking a stranger if your policy will cover it. Being admitted to hospital and an over night stay with a single scan costing just over $4,000… and the quote for the treatment you need being $16,000 – that’s not including anesthesiologist fees or any complications arising.

Who do you know right now has an extra $400 per person a month for insurance fees (that’s low, many pay much more) who then dictate what you can and can’t treat and the treatment for it. Who benefit if you die rather than fight, who call new treatments, for cancer especially, ‘experimental’ and refuse to pay.

I have a friend who would not be here right now if it wasn’t for a go fund me page, because his insurance didn’t deem him fit for the heart surgery he needed, despite the surgeon saying he was. Please , everyone, fight for your NHS, because once it’s gone, no one will be fighting for you and you will no longer have a voice. Vote for the NHS, whatever it takes, fight for it.”

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