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Cookies in Use

After six days off work I reached into the wardrobe this morning, bleary eyed, to grab a pair of work trousers. Pulling out my favourite office pants, the now button-less ones, I popped them on.  The button issue doesn’t matter as the flaw it is hidden by a well placed belt buckle.

Feet, calves, thighs presented no problem, however once over my arse I was sporting v-neck trousers, these mothers ain’t ever going to ‘fasten’.

Declaring it dress down Thursday I donned a pair of jeans and headed off to the office.

The thing is I’m off work for ten days, working just the Thursday (today – day 7) before a long weekend.  This brings me to an annoying trait (yes, just one of many), I have a tendency to diet during holidays; diet and exercise.  I guess this may categorise me as a comfort eater because I clearly stuff my face the rest of the time.

I’m beginning to think the ‘diet during holidays’ thing is possibly an urban myth.  I know it’s the Easter holidays and as religious as I am (snort) I’ve adopted a very strict policy towards Easter eggs and quality control.  Basically, if it’s out of round, break it up, recycle it, quickly :-/

All of this doesn’t bother me as of course there is always tomorrow for dieting, lets face it, I’ve got three days off, I’ll easily get back into those work trousers before rejoining my work mates.  I am in the office today as part of a tiny skeleton (ha!) staff.  I sit here in my jeans answering the phone as “Jabba speaking”, no one will ever know the proportions I reached.

There are three of us in the office instead of fifteen, turns out we are ordering chip shop lunch, this maybe my last meal before the next diet.

What of my trousers?  It seems Buttonside and Holeside won’t be getting together for a reunion anytime soon…