It’s all a bit underhand

Political Opinion so scroll on by if politics and brexit are doing your head in, as they are mine.

I’m not a strong debater, but I do hold firm beliefs. I believe life could be much fairer for more people if society were more altruistic.

Point 17 of the Yellowhammer Summary (from which point 15 was redacted) has bothered me. A tenuous link now; I’m not saying whether the photo here (grabbed from Twitter, from Byline Times article) is accurate or at all true, I haven’t the time to check it out and I know for sure that there will be someone reading who knows ALL the facts.

However, if it is true, it is less than ideal. Some of this behaviour may create the ability to invest, it might help pensions or the NHS and maybe the people who take the risks should get the biggest haul.

It is quite likely the owners of the bank balances that improve from this type of gambling on UKplc do influence the direction and choices made by some politicians. It is very likely that if anyone is making vulgar amounts of money that it may be as many as hundreds of people, it might be thousands.

It might be tens of thousands of people but with over 25 million households in the UK, this is a huge disparity given that poverty rates for children and working-age adults are higher than they were 50 years ago.

I’ve been accused on social media of being envious of the rich, this simply isn’t true. I’ve been lucky enough to be constantly in work since leaving school a long time ago, bank balance could be better but I provide for my family, we have nice holidays which I feel extremely lucky to take, many of my friends have taken numerous ‘exotic’ holidays, I’m not jealous of that. I have a job with perks, some of which see me double-taxed, such is life.

The bottom line is I’m alright for sure, but we need to teach a few more people to fish, we need to simply give some people more fish.

I just want more people to live better lives, don’t you?

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